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About  i am africa

I AM Africa Project

Supported by
AACID, REFAI NGO, Business Gate, Safeer Corporate services, Youth Gate and Voice Magazine



Empowering Young entrepreneur through enhancing skills



Collaborating globally

 Making bridge between humanity and business

 Providing an opportunities and platforms to all young entrepreneur

Empowering SME’s and Business Entrepreneurs through e-commerce

 Leading, Guiding and consulting new ventures and projects related to business and development.



I am AFRICA is a diversified series of different projects and conferences, in which we are merely focusing on enhancing the skills and talents of all the Africans and empower them through skills for their career development and opportunities. We aim to create a bridge between the Africa and rest of the world, furthermore we will provide different kind of sessions, services and seminars related as follow:
• Digital Entrepreneurship
• Business Entrepreneurship
• Women Entrepreneurship
• Assisting and providing consultancy to stepping a business
• Investment opportunities
• How to invest, where to invest and what to invest
• Women Entrepreneurship
• Women Development and Empowerment
• Culture Exchange and sharing